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We were supposed to leave for France yesterday, but arrived at the airport to find that Lufthansa rescheduled us to leave on Monday (today) instead. United had called us a few weeks ago to alert us about the schedule change: they said the time had changed, not the date. Fuckers. So we got an extra day in Portland. I took Anna to lunch while our friend Tasia took Julie out for a cocktail. That smoothed things over well enough.

So today we’re leaving for reals (we hope!). We arrive in Paris tomorrow, November 25th, where we’ll (now) spend one night, and then it’s on to Rouen, where are taking advantage of a house exchange for the next six weeks. We return to Portland on Jan 4, 2009.

I’m toying with a visit to the Paris Perl Mongueu(r|se)s for their next meeting on December, 10th. I’ll need to see what the TGV schedule looks like for a late-night return to Rouen, though. If you’re a part of paris.pm, let me know if you’d like me to do some sort of technical talk!

As for the rest of our visit, Julie has started a travel blog for this trip, and I’ll likely blog the trip and post photos here. More after we arrive!

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