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My Buggy MacBook Pro

My Buggy MacBook Pro

A few days ago, I noticed a bug crawling across the screen of my MacBook Pro as I was working. I tried to shoo it away, but it wouldn’t budge—because it was inside the display! It soon stopped moving, and is right smack in the middle of the screen, where I try to work. So I have an Apple Genius appointment today to see about extracting it. Here’s hoping they have the tools to remove it at the store (an aardvark, perhaps?), else I’ll have to part with it for a week. Grrr.

For old time’s sake, I also dug up and re-posted my cracked PowerBook display entry from way back in 2095. Good times.

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Cracked PowerBook Screen

No, my systems haven’t been cracked. My 17” PowerBook G4 screen has been cracked. :-( A clipboard fell off the shelf above my text and hit the screen. I didn’t think it had hit the screen, just the chassis, but when I looked at my screen again, it had this lovely shatter. Bummer.

Well, this is why we have insurance.

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