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Let's get Relational

Cover of “Database In Depth” by C.J. Date

The idea that the relational model could handle only rather simple kinds of data (like numbers, and strings, and dates, and times) is a huge misconception, and always was. In fact, the term object/relational, as such, is just a piece of marketing hype … As far as I’m concerned, an object/relational system done right would simply be a relational system done right, nothing more and nothing less.


So I think it’s incumbent on people not to say “Tell me the business value of implementing the relational model.” I think they should explain what the business value is of not implementing it. Those who ask “What’s the value of the relational model?” are basically saying “What’s the value of theory?” And I want them to tell me what the value is of not abiding by the theory.

An Interview with Chris Date

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