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PL/pgSQL Talk Slides Posted

The talk that I announced a couple of days ago went off very well, I think. Rich Shepard, a local PostgreSQL who was at the meeting, later said on the mail list:

On the happy side, my thanks to Selena for organizing the group and rounding up a half-dozen cats for the first meeting, and to David for the best presentation at a computer users group meeting I’ve seen in 20 years. The topic was very interesting and the presentation itself highly professional and polished. It’s a standard to be met by future presenters for the benefit of us all.

—Rich Shepard

Wow, praise doesn’t get much higher than that. I’m glad the group got a lot out of the presentation. For the benefit of those who couldn’t make it, I’ve posted the slides for your enjoyment. They might be a bit hard to follow at times without my commentary, but you should be able to fill in the gaps by reading my articles for O’Reilly.

So start having some fun with PL/pgSQL!

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PL/pgSQL Talk for Portland PostgreSQL Users

Attention PostgreSQL users in the Portland metropolitan area and environs (Salem, Eugene, Vancouver, Seattle)! I am honored to be giving the inaugural talk to the newly-formed Portland PostgreSQL Users Group on Wednesday, 19 July 2006 at 19:00 at FreeGeek. My talk will be an introduction to PL/pgSQL. Come check it out and join the fun! Beer and schmoozing to take place after the talk at The Lucky Lab.

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