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Has Google Forgotten its on Tagline?

My friend Chad Dickerson, the exiting CTO of Infoworld, has blogged about a recent move by Google to patent advertising in RSS!

Incorporating targeted ads into information in a syndicated, e.g., RSS, presentation format in an automated manner is described. Syndicated material e.g., corresponding to a news feed, search results or web logs, are combined with the output of an automated ad server. An automated ad server is used to provide keyword or content based targeted ads. The ads are incorporated directly into a syndicated feed, e.g., with individual ads becoming items within a particular channel of the feed.

This despite the fact that InfoWorld was itself sending targeted ads out in is RSS feeds before Google filed for its patent! Is this another one-click debacle in the making? Does it really make any sense to patent delivering targeted ads over HTTP just because they’re in XML instead of HTML?

What do you think?

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