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PL/pgSQL Article Published

The first in a series of articles I’ve written about PL/pgSQL has been published on onLamp.com. The article, Check it out!

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OSCON 2006 Call for Participation

I just saw that the OSCON 2006 Call for Participation has gone up. Deadline is February 13, 2006. I’ve been thinking about some of the things I’d like to see:

  • The PostgreSQL equivalent of this presentation, in which Flickr’s John Allspaw (hi John!) offers up advice on how to configure hardware, replication, and proxies for a busy MySQL-based site. Can Slony-I scale out in the same way? How does it work? I’d love to see someone who’s had to make a busy PostgreSQL-based site scale up to massive load tell us how it was done.

  • Something about an open-source JavaScript library project. I know that there are a number of them, each with its advantages and disadvantages. I’d love to see a successful, general repository for reusable, well-tested JavaScript libraries. Me, as a Perl guy, I’m partial to the CPAN model, which has been enormously successful. Will JSAN have similar success?

I’m sure I’ll think of others in the coming weeks. What ideas do you have? Post them below!

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My OSCON 2005 Presentation Slides Posted

Kineticode has posted PDF versions of my my OSCON 2005 presentation slides. Direct links:


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