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Central Park Autumn

It’s that most magical time of year in Central Park: Autumn. I spent a lot of time wandering around The Pool yesterday. Lots of folks were about, taking in the views, shooting photos. The spectacular foliage photographed best backlit by the sun. Here’s another one.

Both shot with an iPhone 12 Pro.

George Washington Bridge Pier

View of the Manhattan pier of the George Washington Bridge, Taken on 20 September, 2020 with an iPhone Xs.


The Blockhouse is a small fort in the North Woods of Central Park, constructed as one of a series of fortifications in norther Manhattan. Photo taken on 6 September 2020 with an iPhone Xs.


I took advantage of the new City Bike dock in front of our flat to ride 80 blocks south through Central Park today to see the new #BlackLivesMatter mural outside Trump Tower. Not too many people around, perhaps a dozen taking photos and selfies. I joined them, then took a photo for a couple and their toddler in front of the mural. I couldn’t stop grinning under my mask. The mural may be symbolic, but holy cats do symbols matter.

More photos on Instagram.

Also, what a great ride this was. Thinking about quitting my job just to wander around New York and take it all in. Love this city.