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Managing Sqitch with Make


This saves me a few dozen keystrokes and a few seconds every time I make a database change. If that sounds trivial to you, good. A few keystrokes and a few seconds are trivial. My brainpower isn’t trivial. Those keystrokes and seconds mean the difference between staying in the zone and fumbling around trying to remember commands I don’t use all day every day. They save me minutes every time I use them, if you count the friction of switching between “How do I do this in Sqitch again? What’s the directory layout here?” and “What was I really working on?”

Nice application of a Makefile to eliminate boilerplate. A couple of notes, though:

Nice post. A couple comments and questions:

  • As of Sqitch v0.990, you can pass the --open-editor option to the add command to have the new files opened in your editor.

  • If you want to add a pgTAP test with a new change, see this post.

  • What is the call to sqitch status for? Since its output just goes to /dev/null, I don’t understand the point.

  • Also as of v0.990, you can specify Sqitch targets. The -d, -u, and other options then override values in the target URI.

  • I really want to get Sqitch to better understand and work with VCSs. An example would be to have it automatically git add files created by sqitch add. Another might be a Git config setting pointing to the Sqitch config file. Alas, I don’t know when I will have the tuits to work on that.

Lots of room for growth and improvement in Sqitch going forward. You post provides more food for thought.

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