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Mac OS X CD-ROM File Systems WTF?

Didn’t it used to be the case that when you used the Mac OS X Finder to burn a CD-ROM that you could then mount that CD-ROM on a Windows box? In the last few months, I’m suddenly finding that this is no longer the case. So now I have to use hdiutil to convert a .dmg file to the Joliet and ISO9660 file systems:

hdiutil makehybrid -o image.iso -joliet -iso image.dmg

And then I could burn a CD readable on Windows. What the fuck? I burned three CDs that were then useless to me before I finally dug up this hint. And I had this problem with CDs burned by Tiger, too, last summer, so it’s not just Leopard. It seems to me that Mac OS X should always default to building a hybrid CD that’s then readable by Windows, Linux, and everything else. Why doesn’t it?

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