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FSA::Rules Graphing Features Improved

FSA::Rules sample graph

I just released FSA::Rules 0.25. This version came about as I returned to the module to handle setting up a PostgreSQL database and found the graphics that it churned out, well, wanting. I wanted a decision tree, but the graphics just had the names of the states for the nodes, and then long question-like labels on the edges. What I wanted instead was for each node to be a question (or a statement about what the node was doing), and for the edges to be simple answers to those questions (or indicators as to the success of the code run in a state).

So I added a new attribute to the state class, label. You can use this attribute to say something more about the state. In my case, I used it to store the question the state asks, or the description of the state’s activities. I then changed the code that creates the graph to use this attribute in preference to the state name when creating node labels. The result is a much more natural decision graph, as you see here

The release features a number of other goodies, including the elimination of a dependence on the Clone module, and thus also a big memory savings. There is now a lot more control over the format of graphs, too. Enjoy!

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FSA::Rules Annotated

This is pretty cool. Chris Dolan added a comment about the synopsis, pointing out that it is overly complicated (yes, Chris, it’s that way to show off the features). But I love that a user can take the time to comment on my docs and therefore make them even better!

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