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Sqitch v1.0.0

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After seven years of development and hundreds of production database deployments, I finally decide it was time to release Sqitch v1.0.0, and today’s the day. I took the opportunity to resolve all known bugs in previous releases, so there’s no new functionality since v0.9999. Still, given the typical attention given to a significant milestone release like 1.0.0, my employer published a blog post describing a bit of the history and philosophy behind Sqitch.

The new site goes into great detail describing how to install Sqitch, but the important links are:

  • CPAN — Install Sqitch from CPAN
  • Docker — Run Sqitch from a Docker container
  • Homebrew — Homebrew Sqitch on macOS
  • GitHub — Sqitch releases on GitHub

Thanks to everyone who helped get Sqitch to this point, I appreciate it tremendously. I’m especially grateful to:

Thanks a million for all your help and support!