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Apache::Util::escape_html() Doesn’t Like Perl UTF-8 Strings

I got bit by a bug with Apache::Util’s escape_html() function in mod_perl

  1. It seems that it doesn’t like Perl’s Unicode encoded strings! This patch demonstrates the issue (be sure that your editor understands utf-8):

    — modperl/t/net/perl/util.pl.~1.18.~ Sun May 25 03:54:08 2003+++ modperl/t/net/perl/util.pl Thu Sep 9 19:38:40 2004@@ -74,6 +74,25 @@ #print $esc_2; test ++$i, $esc eq $esc_2;++# Make sure that escape_html() understands multibyte characters.+my $utf8 = ‘<專輯>';+my $esc_utf8 = ‘<專輯>';+my $test_esc_utf8 = Apache::Util::escape_html($utf8);+test ++$i, $test_esc_utf8 eq $esc_utf8;+#print STDERR “Compare ‘$test_esc_utf8’\n to ‘$esc_utf8’\n”;++eval { require Encode };+unless ($@) {+ # Make sure escape_html() properly handles strings with Perl’s+ # Unicode encoding.+ $utf8 = Encode::decode_utf8($utf8);+ $esc_utf8 = Encode::decode_utf8($esc_utf8);+ $test_esc_utf8 = Apache::Util::escape_html($utf8);+ test ++$i, $test_esc_utf8 eq $esc_utf8;+ #print STDERR “Compare ‘$test_esc_utf8’\n to ‘$esc_utf8’\n”;+}+ use Benchmark; =pod

If I enable the print statements and look at the log, I see this:

Compare '<專輯>'
     to '<專輯>'
Compare '<å°è¼¯>'
     to '<專輯>'

The first escape appears to work correctly, but when I decode the string to Perl’s Unicode representation, you can see how badly escape_html() munges the text!

Curiously, both tests fail, although the first conversion appears to be correct. This could be due to the behavior of eq, though I’m not sure why. But it’s the second test that’s the more interesting, since it really screws things up.

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