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On a whim yesterday, I decided to give KinoSearch a try. I’ve had the module installed from CPAN for a while, so I can say that it installed very easily. So then all I did was to cut and paste the sample programs from the tutorial, tweak a few things for my blog entries, and try it.

And lo and behold, it worked! After a mere 30 minutes work, it worked so well that I was willing to spend the couple of hours it took this morning to get the results nicely formatted wrapped in my Blosxom templates. So now this site is fully indexed and searchable, and all I have to do is reindex it every time I publish a new entry. So now the search field at the bottom of every page uses KinoSearch, or you can just go to the search page to perform the search. Sweet!

So give it a try. Search for “iraq” or “svn” to see how it works. And check out those KinoSearch benchmarks, too. This thing is fast!

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