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Dan Pfeiffer’s has a plan to win the impeachment fight:

Third, an impeachment inquiry should be plotted out more like a TV show than a trial. The star witnesses and high-profile hearings should be spaced out and timed for maximum impact. They should tell a story about Trump’s misdeeds. There should be no rush to get this over with quickly or to meet some artificial timeline. The audience for this show is not the Senate. It’s not Twitter and it’s not the panel on Morning Joe. The audience is the American people — specifically the new and sporadic Democratic voters who came out in 2018, or the independents and Republicans who say they’re most concerned about Trump’s conduct. Our job is to persuade them, not the DC pundit class.

Smart strategy to “prosecute a devastating case against Trump that increases the likelihood that Democrats win the White House, expand our House Majority, and take the Senate.” Each day brings us closer to impeachment proceedings, regardless of what Democratic leadership might want. The over-the-top malfeasance and criminality of this president and his White House leads inexorably to impeachment proceedings. It’s past time for the Democrats to accept that fact and make a plan to maximize its effectiveness.