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CVS Branching Philosophy

“This will go down in [my] permanent record,” eh? I guess I’d better make it good.

There’s been quite the debate going on over on the Bricolage developers list. For those who don’t know about Bricolage, its a full-featured, open-source, 100% Perl content management system that I maintain on SourceForge. You can learn more about it here.

Anyway, the debate is over the art and science of CVS management. We’ve been adding features to both minor and major releases up to now, but there has been substantial argument that the minor releases should be bug-fix only. The advantage of this approach is that new code won’t threaten stable releases. The disadvantage is that it could slow development. Quick and easy new features will have to wait for more involved features to be complete before they can see the light of day of a release.

There are some strong opinions, but I’m currently sitting on the fence. More opinions are welcome!

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