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Times Up

December 22, 2023 was my last day at The New York Times. My tenure was just under two and a half years.

My first 19 months at the company were pretty much everything I had hoped, as I collaborated with Design and Product to design a distributed platform and conceived, designed, and implemented CipherDoc, a service for encrypted data management. I’m incredibly proud of that work!

But alas, plans change. After the company mothballed the project, I refocused my time on glue work: re-platforming services, upgrading runtimes and dependencies, improving logging and observability, and documenting code, architectures, and playbooks. It felt good to reduce the onboarding, maintenance, and on-call overhead for my teams; I hope it helps them to be more productive and fulfilled in their work.

I treasure the terrific people I met at The Times, just super thoughtful, empathetic, and creative co-workers, partners, and colleagues. It’s no wonder they had the energy to form a union, The Times Tech Guild, for which I’m gratified to have helped organize and steward members. The Guild connected me with a far broader range of talented and committed people than I would have otherwise. I will miss them all, and continue to cheer for and support the movement from the outside.

And now, as 2023 winds down, I’ve decided to try something new. More news in the new year!