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Feynman’s Genius

Yours truly, in a 2018 review of Genius, by James Gleick:

Because our ways of understanding the universe are not the universe itself. They’re explanatory tools we develop, use, and sometimes discard in favor of newer, more effective tools. They’re imperfect, products of their times and cultures. But sometimes, in the face of an intractable problem, a maverick mind, cognizant of this reality, will take the radical step of discarding some part of the prevailing doctrine in an attempt to simplify the problem, or just to see what might happen. Feynman was such a mind, as Gleick shows again and again.

In case you’re wondering why I’m linking to my own blog, while this piece dates from 2018, I posted it only a few weeks ago. Originally I posted it on Goodreads, but when Goodreads unceremoniously deleted my account I thought it was gone for good. But two months later, Goodreads sent me my content. I was back in business! With my data recovered and added to my StoryGraph profile, I also took the opportunity to post the one review I had put some effort into on my own site. So here were are.

In other words, I’m more likely to post book reviews on Just a Theory from here on, but meanwhile, I’d be happy to be your friend on StoryGraph.