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Some news: I’m super happy to report that I started a new job last week at The New York Times.

After ten years at iovation, the last four working remotely from New York City and the last three under the ownership of TransUnion, I felt it was time to find something new. At The Times, I’ve taken the role of Staff Engineer on a new team, User Systems. I’m particularly stoked for this gig, as it falls right into areas of abiding interest, including privacy-by design, personal data protection, encryption, authentication, credential management, and scaling a vital app for the whole business. Add that to the straightforward commute once the office reopens, and it’s hard to find something more ideal.

I truly appreciate the extraordinary experience of my ten years at iovation. I originally thought I’d stay a couple years, but was so engaged by the people and the great work we did that I kept at it. I learned a ton about product engineering, product design, and scalable architectures, but especially about working with terrific colleagues who made me a better person even as I tried to be of service to them. I will especially miss working with Scott, Kurk, Clara, Travis, John, and Eric — and countless others. I wish them all the best, and would enjoy working with any and all of them again anytime.

Now I’m excited to make new connections working with my amazing new colleagues at The Times. I expect we’ll collaborate on fulfilling work building super useful tools that advance The Times mission to inform and empower its readers. I’m delighted to be jumping on this ride with them.