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Fascism Is Violence

Aleksandar Hemon, writing for Literary Hub:

[Fascism’s] ideas are enacted first and foremost upon the bodies and lives of the people whose presence within “our” national domain is prohibitive. In Bannon/Trump’s case, that domain is nativist and white. Presently, their ideas are inflicted upon people of color and immigrants, who do not experience them as ideas but as violence. The practice of fascism supersedes its ideas, which is why people affected and diminished by it are not all that interested in a marketplace of ideas in which fascists have prime purchasing power.

The error in Bannon’s headlining The New Yorker Festival would not have been in giving him a platform to spew his hateful rhetoric, for he was as likely to convert anyone as he himself was to be shown the light in conversation with Remnick. The catastrophic error would’ve been in allowing him to divorce his ideas from the fascist practices in which they’re actualized with brutality.

The New Yorker Festival bills itself as “Conversations on culture and politics,” but the important thing to understand about fascism — and its cohorts nationalism and white supremacism — is that it’s not a conversation. It’s not a set of ideas. No. Fascism is violence. One does not dialog with fascism. Fascism is a violent terror to be stopped.