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In the last few years, I’ve not had a lot of time to hack on my open-source projects, including Sqitch. Last week’s call to adopt my modules garnered an unexpected quantity of interest in helping to maintain Sqitch specifically. It’s little different from my other Perl modules, being designed as a standalone app rather than a software development library. It deserves care and feeding from more than a single maintainer.

So I’m very pleased to announce two changes to the Sqitch ecosystem:

  1. I’ve moved all my Sqitch-related code, including Sqitch itself, from my personal GitHub account to the new “Sqitchers” GitHub organization. In addition to myself, the organization has four other owners: Dave Rolsky, Shawn Sorichetti, Curtis Poe, and Ștefan Suciu. However, I’d really like to balance all this great Perl talent with a few database folks. Even better to get some non-white-dudes involved. If that’s you, and you’d like to help Sqitch continue to improve, drop me a line.

  2. I’ve created a new mail list, sqitch-hackers, for folks who want to hack on Sqitch itself. This is an open list, like the existing sqitch-users list: anyone can subscribe and participate in the discussion of how to improve Sqitch, get hints for hacking on it, talk about approaches to implementing features, etc.

I’ll likely make a brain dump of stuff I’d like to see happen with the project and the community. Do join and send us your ideas, too!

Sqitch has become a pretty important tool for a lot of people, far and way my most-starred project on GitHub. It deserves a broader coalition of people to care for it going forward. I hope these changes help to galvanize the community to take it on collectively.