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Sqitch Status: A Step at a Time

I’ve just released Sqitch v0.20-TRIAL, the third testing release of Sqitch. Since last week, I’ve implemented add-step. So let’s have a look-see at what all it can do. First, let’s initialize a Sqitch project.

> mkdir myproj 
> cd myproj 
myproj> git init
Initialized empty Git repository in myproj/.git/
myproj> sqitch --engine pg init
Created sql/deploy
Created sql/revert
Created sql/test
Created ./sqitch.conf

Doesn’t look like much, does it? Let’s set the database name and look at the configuration:

myproj> sqitch config core.pg.db_name flipr_test
myproj> less sqitch.conf
    engine = pg
    # plan_file = sqitch.plan
    # sql_dir = sql
    # deploy_dir = sql/deploy
    # revert_dir = sql/revert
    # test_dir = sql/test
    # extension = sql
# [core "pg"]
    # db_name = 
    # client = psql
    # sqitch_schema = sqitch
    # password = 
    # port = 
    # host = 
    # username = 
[core "pg"]
    db_name = flipr_test

I’ve made an effort to make the default configuration file as useful as possible by including all the core and engine settings. Defaults are present, too, but commented-out. Some you’d probably never want to change in the local file, but might in your user file or in the system configuration file. Peruse the sqitch-config man page for all the Git-like awesomeness.s

So now we can add a step:

myproj> sqitch add-step user_roles
Created sql/deploy/user_roles.sql
Created sql/revert/user_roles.sql
Created sql/test/user_roles.sql

Wee! Again, doesn’t look like much, I know. But in fact the generated scripts are created from Template::Tiny templates, and again, they can be overridden on a user or system basis. Have a look at the add-step man page for the details. Or just start with what’s there: edit the generated scripts to deploy and revert your changes. Go crazy. The deploy script looks like this:

myproj> less sql/deploy/user_roles.sql 
-- Deploy user_roles


-- XXX Add DDLs here.


Next up, deployment. I think that will require that the plan interface be written, first. I’ll be getting on that tomorrow.

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