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How Not to Withstand a Fireballing


Yeah, hovering along at 50-200 hits a day, and then, BAM!

  • Set up a simple Blosxom-powered blog on the advice of a friend who wrote it
  • Never bother to make it anything other than a CGI script that crawls your file system on every request
  • Add a bunch of plugins for various doodads and useless doohickies, also executing a bunch of crap on every request
  • Put it on your eight year old Dell Dimension running Ubuntu Linux
  • In your basement
  • On your residential Comcast connection
  • Let many years go by, giving it very little attention
  • Write something interesting
  • Laugh about your complete inability to connect to the box from work while Daring Fireball melts your connection

I have more to say on the topic of iPad magazines, but I’m using the meager tuits I have to first make some infrastructural changes.

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