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Up for Adoption: SVN::Notify

I’ve kept my various Perl modules in a Subversion server run by my Bricolage support company, Kineticode, for many years. However, I’m having to shut down the server I’ve used for all my services, including Subversion, so I’ve moved them all to GitHub. As such, I no longer use Subversion in my day-to-day work.

It no longer seems appropriate that I maintain SVN::Notify. This has probably been my most popular modules, and I know that it’s used a lot. It’s also relatively stable, with few bug reports or complaints. Nevertheless, there certainly could be some things that folks want to add, like TLS support, I18N, and inline CSS.

Therefore, SVN::Notify is formally up for adoption. If you’re a Subversion users, it’s a great tool. Just look at this sample output. If you’d like to take over maintenance, make it even better, please get in touch. Leave a comment on this post, or @theory me on Twitter, or send an email.

PS: Would love it if someone also could take over activitymail, the CVS notification script from which SVN::Notify was derived — and which I have even less right to maintain, given that I haven’t used CVS in years.

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