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Serious Exception-Handling Bug Fixed in DBIx::Connector 0.42

I’ve just released DBIx::Connector 0.42 to CPAN. This release fixes a serious bug with catch blocks. In short, if you threw an exception from inside a catch block, it would not be detectable from outside. For example, given this code:

eval {
    $conn->run(sub { die 'WTF' }, catch => sub { die 'OMG!' });
if (my $err = $@) {
    say "We got an error: $@\n";

With DBIx::Connector 0.41 and lower, the if block would never be called, because even though the catch block threw an exception, $@ was not set. In other words, the exception would not be propagated to its caller. This could be terribly annoying, as you can imagine. I was being a bit too clever about localizing $@, with the scope much too broad. 0.42 uses a much tighter scope to localize $@, so now it should propagate properly everywhere.

So if you’re using DBIx::Connector catch blocks, please upgrade ASAP. Sorry for the hassle.

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