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Sociable Plugin for Blosxom

I notice a number of places recently where some blogs had a nice array of small icons to make it easy for readers to add particular entries to their favorite social bookmarking sites. The example I noticed most recently was on Simple Mom. After a bit of digging, I found the Sociable plugin for WordPress. It had just the format I was looking for.

So today I ported it to Blosxom. You can get it yourself here. You’ll also need to download the Sociable WordPress plugin so that you can get all the necessary images and styling. Read the docs for how to use it; it’s pretty simple, and supports a lot of social bookmarking sites, and even good ’ole “Email” and “Print” links.

And of course, also starting today, you can see the links right here on my site. So, yeah, go ahead and link me up!

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