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More France Photos

Dangly Earrings

It seems that quite a bit of time went by since my last blog entry before the server downtime. I hadn’t realized. Since then, I’ve posted a bunch more photos from our trip to France. First up, I posted photos from our Christmas in Rouen. Anna was especially happy with the dangly earrings. Click the photo to see the complete set.

Rose Window

Then I went back in time a bit and posted photos from our second stay in Paris. First up was a set from Notre Dame de Paris. I was fortunate to be there on a cloudy day, so that the light coming in the stained glass windows didn’t overwhelm the interior light, so that you can actually see some of the interior. I’m especially proud of this photo, it just came together perfectly. Click for the complete set.

Overlooking the Pool

The day after Notre Dame, Anna and I went to Cité des sciences & de l’industrie, a fantastic science and industry museum, featuring Cité des Enfants, a hands-on children’s museum with interactive, hands-on exhibits. Anna loved it so much that she wanted to go back, which we did in January. Maybe I’ll get to those photos sometime in March. ;-)

L’Amour (les Lèvres), Fontaine Stravinsky

And finally, there are these shots from Centre Georges Pompidou. It was rainy and wet when we were there (immediately after Notre Dame, in fact), but the weather kind of lended itself to the mood at La Fontaine Stravinsky. And of course, I have more photos of Anna playing in the children’s exhibit there.

Combien des bon-bons?

And finally, just as a bonus, here are some photos I took this morning in Anna’s dance and French classes. The light wasn’t great (all fluorescent), and shooting at ISO 400 at F/1.8 wasn’t the best idea, I’ve decided. I kept only about 10 out of 124 shots. Next time I’ll go up to ISO 800 and try to close down the aperture a bit. Wish me luck on that!

I have a lot more photos from France to process, still. I’ll post here as I get them on Flickr. It takes a while because Aperture is pretty slow at importing RAW photos from my Canon Rebel XSi, and even slower when I start to make changes to the photos. So it’s dragging on, but I’ll keep slogging at it. The trick will be for me to try to stay ahead of the curve on photos taken since the trip. I’ve only got 600 of those. Yikes! Wish me luck!

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