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Blue Eiffel

Blue Eiffel Tower

I finally got around to posting my photos of the Blue Eiffel Tower on Flickr. The Tower is lit in blue in celebration of the French Presidency of the EU, and will remain blue for another six months or so, from what I understand. Naturally, it got my attention when we last visited Paris, so I spent about an hour and a half shoot it from the Champ de Mars and directly underneath it. It was really quite beautiful, and I especially enjoyed getting some of the details of the decorative Steel of the tower in blue.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the results of this shoot. I shot all of the photos with my 50mm F/1.8 “Nifty Fifty,” just because I wanted the speed and sharpness that my 28-105mm zoom just can’t deliver. Shooting at F/1.8, I was able to get about 1/60 shutter speed most of the time, which allowed me to shoot the whole thing hand-held. But this was at the expense of some detail, I’m sure, not to mention sharpness. Next time, I’d like to have a tripod and a wide-angle prime lens. Alas, I’m not likely to acquire them during this visit. But maybe next time the Eiffel Tower will be red!

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