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What’s With These CPAN-Testers Failures?

So I just learned about and subscribed to the CPAN-Testers feed for my modules. There appear to be a number of odd failures. Take this one. It says,“Can’t locate Algorithm/Diff.pm,” despite the fact that I have properly specified the requirement for Text::Diff, which itself properly requires Algorithm::Diff.. Is this an instance of CPAN.pm or CPANPLUS not following all prerequisites, or what?

Or take this failure. It says, “[CP_ERROR] [Mon Sep 5 09:32:08 2005] No such module ‘mod_perl’ found on CPAN”. Yet here it is. Maybe the CPANPLUS indexer has a bug? Or are people’s configurations just horked? Or am I just doing something braindead?

Opinions welcomed.

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