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SVN::Notify 2.57 Supports Windows

So I finally got ‘round to porting SVN::Notify to Windows. Version 2.57 is making is way to CPAN right now. The solution turned out to be dead simple: I just had to use a different form of piping open() on Windows, i.e., open FH, "$cmd|" instead of open FH, "-|"; exec($cmd);. It’s silly, really, but it works. It really makes me wonder why -| and |- haven’t been emulated on Windows. Whatever.

‘Course the other thing I realized, after I made this change and all the tests pass, was that there is no equivalent of sendmail on Windows. So I added the --smtp option, so that now email can be sent to an SMTP server rather than to a local sendmail. I tested it out, and it seems to work, but I’d be especially interested to hear from folks using wide characters in their repositories: do they get printed properly to Net::SMTP’s connection?

The whole list of changes in 2.57 (the output remains the same as in 2.56):

  • Finally ported to Win32. It was actually a simple matter of changing how command pipes are created.
  • Added --smtp option to enable sending messages to an SMTP server rather than to the local sendmail application. This is essential for Windows support.
  • Added --io-layer to the usage statement in svnnotify.
  • Fixed single-dash arguments in documentation so that they’re all documented with a single dash in SVN::Notify.


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