Just a Theory

By David E. Wheeler

Use Variables in PL/pgSQL DECLARE Blocks

I’m working on some PL/pgSQL functions for my application framework and for an upcoming article for the O’Reilly Databases site, and was showing some of the code to a PostgreSQL guru. The code looked something like this:

    key_name text,
    pk_id    integer,
    fk_ids   integer[]

    table_name text := quote_ident(key_name);
    EXECUTE 'UPDATE ' || table_name || ' SET pk = ' || pk_id
            || ' WHERE fk IN(' || array_to_string(fk_ids, ', ')
            || ')';
$$ LANGUAGE plpgsql;

No, that’s not the real code, it’s just a dummy example to illustrate something. Illustrate what? Well, my PostgreSQL friend said, “Crap, can you really use variables to set other variables in the DECLARE section?” The answer is “yes,” of course. The above does work. I’m new to PostgreSQL functions, so I didn’t know any better than to just try it, and it worked. But my friend has been writing PL/pgSQL functions for years. Why didn’t he know that you could use variables in a DECLARE block? As he said, “Damn, one of the problems with starting with a language 6 years ago is that you get in the habit of coding around the restrictions from 6 years ago.”

Anyway, I just wanted to share this tidbit, in case there were other PostgreSQL pros who missed it. I don’t know when the feature was added, but it works fine for me in 8.1.

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