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By David E. Wheeler

Test.Simple 0.11 Released

I’m pleased to announce the release of Test.Simple 0.11. This release fixes a number of bugs in the framework’s IE and Safari support, adds JSAN support, and includes an experimental harness for Macromedia\^Adobe Director. You can download it from JSAN, and all future releases will be available on JSAN. See the harness in action here (or verbosely!). This release has the following changes:

  • The browser harness now works more reliably in IE and Safari.
  • Fixed syntax errors in tests/harness.html that IE and Safari care about.
  • Various tweaks for Director compatibility from Gordon McCreight.
  • Removed debugging output from Test.More.canOK().
  • Fixed default output so that it doesn’t re-open a closed browser document when there is a “test” element.
  • Added experimental Test.Harness.Director, complements of Gordon McCreight. This harness is subject to change.
  • Added Test.PLATFORM, containing a string defining the platform. At the moment, the only platforms listed are “browser” or “director”.
  • Added support for Casey West’s JSAN. All releases of Test.Simple will be available on JSAN from now on.
  • The iframe in the browser harness is no longer visible in IE. Thanks to Marshall Roch for the patch.
  • Noted addition of Test.Harness and Test.Harness.Browser in the README.

I’ve been getting more and more excited about Casey West’s work on JSAN. It gets better every day, and I hope that it attracts a lot of hackers who want to distribute open source JavaScript modules. You should check it out! I’ve been working on a Perl module to simplify the creation of JSAN distributions. Look for it on CPAN soonish.

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