Just a Theory

By David E. Wheeler

Bricolage Summer of Code Application Summary

Total Applications48
Gibberish Applications2
Wrong Project2
Students with 2 Applications3
Students with 4 Applications1

Google has finally launched the WebApp for the project administrators for its Summer of Code initiative. I logged in, thinking that Bricolage might get five or ten applications.

No, there were 48! I’ve just started going through them, but the table to the left contains a quick summary of what came in.

That leaves 42 applications! (Huh, and 42 happens to be the answer. Imagine that.) After a quick survey, the table below summarizes how they break down in terms of the projects and number of proposals. There are more than 42 here because quite a few applications group together a number of tasks.

MySQL Port20
SQLite Port10
Apache 2/mod_perl 2/Windows Port4
Modernize the Installer3
JSP Templating2
Hierarchical Bulk Editing2
Category Permission Inheritance2
Site Tagging and Rollback2
ASP.NET Templating1
Bulk Media Uploading1
Apache 2/mod_perl 2 port1
Rewrite Bricolage in PHP1
Element Occurrence Specification1
I can improve Bricolage1
Input Channels1
Concurrent Checkouts & Conflict Resolution1
Subversion Integration1
New Sample Templates1
Add Middle Initials to Contributors1

I am stunned and amazed by the sheer number of proposals the project received. There are quite a few good ones, too. I’ve told Google that I can handle five or six projects, but it might end up being a lot! I’ll have to really pare them down this weekend. So fare I’ve eliminated a dozen or so that are simple one-liners (such as, “Port Bricolage to mySQL[sic]”), but now the real work of comparing and contrasting begins—especially for all of those MySQL proposals!

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