Just a Theory

By David E. Wheeler

TestSimple 0.02 Released

I’m pleased to announce the second alpha release of TestSimple, the port of Test::Builder, Test::Simple, and Test::More to JavaScript. You can download it here. This release has the following changes:

  • Removed eqArray() and eqAssoc() functions from TestMore per suggestion from Michael Schwern. The problem is that these are not test functions, and so are inconsistent with the way the rest of the functions work. isDeeply() is the function that users really want.
  • Changed eqSet() to isSet() and made it into a real test function.
  • Implemented skip(), todoSkip(), and todo(). These are a bit different than the Perl originals originals so read the docs!
  • Implemented skipAll() and BAILOUT() using exceptions and an exception handler installed in window.onerror.
  • The final message of a test file now properly outputs in the proper place. Tests must be run inside an element its “id” attribute set to “test”, such as <pre id="test">. The window.onload handler will find it and append the final test information.
  • Implemented skipRest() in TestBuilder and TestMore. This method is stubbed out the Perl original, but not yet implemented there!

The only truly outstanding issues I see before I would consider these “modules” ready for production use are:

  • Figure out how to get at file names and line numbers for better diagnostic messages. Is this even possible in JavaScript?
  • Decide where to send test output, and where to allow other output to be sent. Test::Builder clones STDERR and STDOUT for this purpose. We’ll probably have to do it by overriding document.write()>, but it’d be good to allow users to define alternate outputs (tests may not always run in a browser, eh?). Maybe we can use an output object? Currently, a browser and its DOM are expected to be present. I could really use some advice from real JavaScript gurus on this one.
  • Write tests!

Feedback/advice/insults welcome!

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