Just a Theory

By David E. Wheeler

How do I Add apply() to IE JavaScript Functions

This is really bugging me. I’ve added a feature to my TestSimple JavaScript library where one can specify a function to which to send test output. It executes the function, along with an object, if necessary, by calling its apply() method. If you don’t specify a function for output, it uses document.write by default:

if (!fn) {
    fn = document.write;
    obj = document;
var output = function () { fn.apply(obj, arguments) };

This works great in Firefox, as I can then just call fn.apply(this, arguments) and the arguments are properly passed on through to the function.

However, Internet Explorer doesn’t seem to have an apply() method on its write() function. If I execute document.write.apply(document ['foo']) in Firefox, it outputs “foo” to the browser. In Internet Explorer for Windows, however, it yields an error: “Object doesn’t support this property or method.” Wha??

I thought I could get around it by just adding the apply() method to document.write, but that doesn’t work, either. This code:

document.write.apply = Function.prototype.apply;
document.write.apply(document, ['foo']);

Yields the same error. Curiously, so does this code:

document.write.apply2 = Function.prototype.apply;
document.write.apply2(document, ['foo']);

So it seems that assigning a function to document.write is a no-op in IE. WTF?

So does anyone know a workaround for this bug? I found a page that says, “Beware that some native functions in IE were made to look like objects instead of functions.” This might explain why apply() doesn’t exist for the document.write object, but not why I can’t add it.


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