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bricolage.cc Has a New Server

The Bricolage project has a new server! Thanks to a generous donation from NetStumbler.com, we have a shiny new hosted FreeBSD server. I’ve started building it, and have migrated the Bricolage Web site over today. By tomorrow, DNS records should be updated, and it’ll be rarin’ to go!

While I was at it, I rolled out the new Bricolage API documentation browser. There are now browser available for all of the major stable releases of Bricolage, listed on the old documentation page. The API browser for the current stable release will always be available here. Meanwhile, the documentation will also be generated from the Subversion trunk every morning; you can find those docs here.

We’ll also be able to keep better track of the kind of traffic the site gets thanks to the new stats site, which will also be updated daily.


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