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Catch Up

It’s good to finally be caught up with all the Bricolage posts I’ve been just been ignoring for the last week or so. That’s not to say that I’m totally caught up – there are still a couple of open bugs I need to tackle. But there are a number of important conversations going on on the development list, and I’ve been meaning to reply to them for a while. It feels good to finally get to them.

Among the issues we’re looking at right now are adding a preference to allow users to specify how URIs are created, and a complete reworking of the element system so that it’s more consistent and doesn’t seem so bolted together. I think that 1.6 will turn out to be the killer version of Bricolage — the one that really makes its mark — if we go forward with the changes. And I can see no reason why we wouldn’t!

Meanwhile, my new DSL bridge finally arrived, so I’m going to spend some time getting that up and going. It seems like it take a whole lot more set up than my old one, but whatever! I’m paying a lot less and getting just as much. Hopefully it’ll be done by tomorrow and I can leave the modem to rot and die.

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