Unit Test Your Database!

Gave my talk at PGCon today. I felt that it went well, and was well-received. So here it is for everyone else, for posterity, thanks to SlideShare. Enjoy!


Aristotle Pagaltzis wrote:

Nice going! I wasn't planning on viewing such an apparently long presentation but before I knew it I'd flipped through to the end. Solid work.

There seems to be a technical glitch in the upload such that every other slide is empty, btw.

Theory wrote:

Yeah, SlideShare doesn't seem to understand the that things animate in automatically after the slide loads, I'm sorry to say. In the presentation, I switch to a slide, and the animcation appears after that. It'd be better if it loaded the slide without that transition, since it doesn't understand automatic transitions. But, frankly, given that I just uploaded a Keynote 2009, I'm pretty impressed with how well they did!

Thanks for the kind words; the talk seems to have gone over really well here, too.


Ben Finney wrote:

Link to download slides

I don't allow Flash to play in a web browser, and my link isn't fast enough to make it practical anyway. Slideshare insists on me having an account before I can download anything.

Can we have a direct URL to download the slides to view them at our leisure?

Theory wrote:

Re: Link to download slides


Yes, the slides are available in a PDF under "Attached Files" on the PGCon Website.


Dane wrote:

I put my 2 cents about the presentation in my blog.