pgTAP pgFoundry Project and Lightning Talk

A couple of quick announcements:

pgTAP on pgFoundry

First, the PostgreSQL community approved my project, so now there is a pgTAP project page, including a couple of mail lists, a bug tracker, and downloads. I uploaded a new version shortly after the project was approved, and 0.03 should be there soon, as well.

pgTAP YAPC::NA Lightning Talk

I gave a Lightning talk at YAPC::NA 2008 in Chicago this afternoon. I've now posted the slides for your enjoyment.

Care to help me with development? Want to add your own test functions or make it all integrate better with standard PostgreSQL regression tests? Want to help me get Module::Build or Module::Install to run Perl and PostgreSQL and whatever tests side-by-side, all at once? Join the pgtap-users mail list and join the fun!


ben hengst wrote:


very cool just another reason that I should be ditching MySQL.

Ken Hirsch wrote:


I just followed a link from reddit. This page doesn't say what TAP is. The only link for TAP goes to Technorati, where it appears that TAP is about tap dancing. Your slides don't say what TAP is. The project page doesn't say what TAP is or have a link to TAP.

I'm guessing that it's the Test Anything Protocal[sic].

Theory wrote:

Re: TAP?


Yes, you are correct. See also the Test Anything Protocol site.