PGAN Bikeshedding

I’ve put together a description of PGAN, the PostgreSQL extension distribution system I plan to develop later this year based on the Comprehensive Archive Perl Network or CPAN. Its primary features will be:

  • Extension distribution
  • Search site with extension documentation
  • Client for downloading, building, testing, and installing extensions.

I’ve never been thrilled with the name, though, so I’m asking for suggestions for a better one. I’ve used the term "extension" here because it seems to be the term that the PostgreSQL community has settled on, but other terms might work, since things other than extensions might be distributed.

What I’ve come up with so far is:

Name Long Name Pronounciation Advantages Disadvantages
PGAN PostgreSQL Add-on Network pee-gan Short, similar to CPAN Ugly
PGEX PostgreSQL Extensions pee-gee-ex or pee-gex Short, easier to pronounce Too similar to PGX)
PGCAN PostgreSQL Comprehensive Archive Network pee-gee-can Similar to CPAN Similar to CPAN
PGDAN PostgreSQL Distribution Archive Network pee-gee-dan Short, easy to pronounce Who’s “Dan”? Doesn’t distribute PostgreSQL itself.
PGEDAN PostgreSQL Extension Distribution Archive Network pee-gee-ee-dan References extensions Long, sounds stupid

Of these, I think I like “PGEX” best, but none are really great. So I’m opening up the bike shed to all. What’s a better name? Or if you can’t think of one, which of the above do you like best? Just leave a comment on this post. The only requirements for suggestions are that a .org domain be available and that it suck less than the alternatives.

Comments close in 2 weeks. Thanks!



Seems like the "G" is holding us back. How about we just use a "P" for Postgres? That gives us things like "PAN" and "PCAN" (that last one should be easy to write a nutty logo for :)

Josh Berkus wrote:

Hmmmm ...

PostgreSQL Extensions Community Archive Network


Which means, of course, we need it to be hosted at Rackspace in San Antonio. Unfortunately, is not available.

Scott Peterson wrote:


How bout PostEx?

Michael Glaesemann wrote:

Postgres EXtension Archive Network = PEXAN?

Jay wrote:

I vote for PCAN, since it is what I always typo CPAN into anyway, at least it would go somewhere useful, heh.

Theory wrote:

Suggestions So Far

  • PCAN: .org taken
  • PECAN: .org taken
  • PostEx: .org taken
  • PEXAN: .org available
  • PCAN: .or taken

So only PEXAN is in the running of the new names so far. I'm not at all sure about it…


Screwtape wrote:

"PGAN" at least rhymes with "pecan".

Ross Reedstrom wrote:

while and are both taken, they seem to be domain squatters. Might be worth seeing how little they're willing to take, then see if one of the PG friendly companies would arrange a donation.

Aristotle Pagaltzis wrote:

FWIW, my first thought upon seeing PGAN is “pagan”.

Andy Lester wrote:

Don't spend so much time trying to make it mean something. Does "Amazon" mean anything? Or "Google"? Make it pronouncable and memorable.

capn obvious wrote:

Bikeshedding indeed. Maybe just ?

Theory wrote:

A couple More

Some others I've thought of:

  • PGDN: PostgreSQL Distribution Network. .org taken, alas, but I've contact the owner.
  • PgExNet: PostgreSQL Extension Network. .org available, and so is pgex dot net, which is kind of cool.
  • PgDex: PostgreSQL Distribution of Extensions. .org and .net available. Pronounceable, but the backcronym sucks.


Ricardo Signes wrote:


PGXN. Pronounced "pigskin" or possibly pixin.

I do like the "lol elephants love nuts" nature of pecan, though.

Theory wrote:

Re: pgxn

I had settled on PgDEX last week and got everything set up, but I think, @Ricardo, that you might have a winner there. Thanks!