New Home

After the Fireballing week before last, I put aside a bit of time to rejigger things. This blog now has a new home.

  • Moved all content to a Linode virtual server. No more serving from my crappy old desktop system behind my Comcast connection. The VPS is kind of skimpy on the RAM, but seems fine for my basic needs.
  • Still using Blosxom, but all content is statically-generated.
  • Switched to Nginx. It's fast. Especially for a 100% static site.
  • Search is gone. No one used it, anyway. That's what Duck Duck Go is for.
  • Comments are gone, sort of. I removed the plugin for adding comments to posts. Existing comments are still shown, though.
  • Added Disqus commenting. The upshot is that, for the first time in years, one can comment on any post at any time. No more closing comments after two weeks.
  • Got rid of the "sociable" junk. No one needs hand-holding for sharing, and very few sharing sites are relevant anymore, anyway.

Oh, and I also moved,, and my PGXN mirror to the Linode host. They're all static, too, so everything is nice and peppy.

So that's step 1. It's enough that I can get back to posting stuff and, on the off chance that I get Fireballed again, I think things will hold up (a simple ab test shows pretty good throughput at about 100 requests/second at a concurrency of 100). Over the next few months, I have other plans:

  • Throw up a new The company has actually shut down, so I need to put up a new page to direct interested parties elsewhere.
  • Redesign Just a Theory. This design was okay in 2004, but never very forward-looking. I want to vastly simplify things. Just down to the bare essentials, really. Be prepared for more junk to disappear.
  • Move to a new blog engine. Blosxom is okay, but finicky. There are a lot of steps to publishing a post, most of them involving SCP and SSH. I just want to write to a directory to do stuff, and support drafts and whatnot.

That last task is the one I'm least likely to find a lot of time to work on, though, as I am already overcommitted to numerous other things, and thinking of new stuff all the time. But I'd really like to make things much nicer for myself, so we'll see.

How Not to Withstand a Fireballing

  • Set up a simple Blosxom-powered blog on the advice of a friend who wrote it
  • Never bother to make it anything other than a CGI script that crawls your file system on every request
  • Add a bunch of plugins for various doodads and useless doohickies, also executing a bunch of crap on every request
  • Put it on your eight year old Dell Dimension running Ubuntu Linux
  • In your basement
  • On your residential Comcast connection
  • Let many years go by, giving it very little attention
  • Write something interesting
  • Laugh about your complete inability to connect to the box from work while Daring Fireball melts your connection

I have more to say on the topic of iPad magazines, but I'm using the meager tuits I have to first make some infrastructural changes.

Search Powered by KinoSearch

On a whim yesterday, I decided to give KinoSearch a try. I've had the module installed from CPAN for a while, so I can say that it installed very easily. So then all I did was to cut and paste the sample programs from the tutorial, tweak a few things for my blog entries, and try it.

And lo and behold, it worked! After a mere 30 minutes work, it worked so well that I was willing to spend the couple of hours it took this morning to get the results nicely formatted wrapped in my Blosxom templates. So now this site is fully indexed and searchable, and all I have to do is reindex it every time I publish a new entry. So now the search field at the bottom of every page uses KinoSearch, or you can just go to the search page to perform the search. Sweet!

So give it a try. Search for iraq or svn to see how it works. And check out those KinoSearch benchmarks, too. This thing is fast!